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3 Ways to Help You Write Fight Scenes

There seems to be a general rule that is followed when writing fight scenes and these rules are what will be discussed below.

Blow by blow is boring – the fight scenes must not focus solely on a stream of blow by blow events until the enemies have retreated or dead. Instead, it must be a portrayal of the physical and the mental state of the character as they face imminent danger.

In movies, we see sadistic actions such as kick and punch, shooting or decapitation which can be horrendous but it is what people love. On paper however, it’ll be a different story due to the fact that the pace is slowed down and it makes the scene confusing. However, this doesn’t indicate that the blow by blow must be avoided because if it’s used smartly, it can help in strategically revealing the skills or flaws of the character. Good balance is by doing a little bit of blow by blow and a description.

Clarity is king – by nature, battles are frantic affairs, there are so many things going on at once and there are a lot of people involved in the scene. Your readers will lose interests in the event that they are not certain of what is going on in your story. The main reason here is, they want to know what is exactly happening but words aren’t clear to tell them. But don’t fret because there are a number of things that may be done in achieving clarity.

If you are for example writing a massive battle, you should map it out especially if there are structures, towns or cities involve. While you are mapping, it is imperative to not cause any contradiction or confusion to yourself and most especially to the readers. You are going to have a clearer picture in mind of what’s going on and where, which gives you better idea on how to write fight scenes with confidence and describe every scene in significance.

You must consider limiting the use of metaphors and similes and instead, focus on simple language only. Doing so will only increase the odds of your readers to lose interests. Keep in mind that your readers simply want to know what is happening and battles are exciting enough to pique their interests.

Show vs. tell – it is fairly easy to fall into trap of talking and writing fight scenes than showing them. But there are instances that readers may find it dull and boring if they are just told of what is happening. The experience and sense of being in the scene too is what they want. You will certainly be able to create an epic fight scene by doing this.

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