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Basic Important Element of a Story Structure for an Author

You need to know that a story refers to a series of event that happens with a certain set up of setting hence you need to be a professional novelist for you to have the best story structure that has flow of event and series. You need to ensure that you have the best outline flow of your story or narrative, a good outline flow of a story makes to be interesting thus, the audience will enjoy reading or listening to the story hence check on the outline flow. As an author, you need to ensure that you display your concept thus it will be easy for your audience to understand your story thus ensure they get to know the concept well. It is essential to ensure as an author to use and incorporate the elements of the story structure thus it will make the story complete. There are basic important elements of a story structure for an author that you need to consider this includes.

One of the important elements is the plot. You need to have the objectives and the goals of your story structure; you need to ensure that you have a plot on how the occurrence and the sequence of the event in the story will flow. It is significant to ensure that using the elements of a plot to display the occurrence of the event of the series; you need to have the solution for any possible challenge that may occur.

There is an imperative component of the character. There is needs to have characters in your story structure and this can be people, animals or even objects, therefore, you need to develop the character of your story structure that can be of different personality and traits. You need to develop the character of your story structure thus need to talk to them of which it can be a dialogue or a monologue thus develop the character the way you want it to be.

There is the basic vital component of the story setting. You need to ensure that you show the setting of the story and this involves the geographical location where the activities took place hence the audience will know the location where the event occurred. There story structure setting also refer to the time that the event took place thus, you need to include the time and geographical location of your narrative.

There is also an important element of the story structure theme. You need to show the theme in the story structure, the theme refers to the lesson learned this is because in every story there is the need to have a theme or the aim of writing the story.

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